FURTHER confidential patient details have been discovered dumped in a Bournemouth alleyway.

Last week Peter Raymont contacted the Daily Echo after finding black plastic ribbons with names, dates of birth and other information scattered around the service road behind his shop, Pokesdown Antiques Centre in Christchurch Road.

At the weekend Mr Raymont, who spotted the initial set while walking to the shops with his cat, found the other end of the counterfoil prescription label reel which had been left on a garage roof nearby.

"We have both ends now so hopefully that is all of it," he said.

"It had spread all over the road and there are quite a few bin bags around so it can be hard to make out. That is what I thought it was at first.

"It is worrying to think what could have happened to it, I am sure there is enough information here for criminals to use. The way it was left in the alley way suggests something fishy."

Last week an NHS spokesman said they would be investigating the issue, and the service was also urged to do so urgently by health watchdog Healthwatch Dorset.

The Echo has contacted Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group to find out more about the investigation.