WORKS are underway at a historic tourist attraction - the largest of its kind in the UK.

The Lymington Sea Water Baths, at Bath Road, are almost complete following months of renovations which cost its owners approximately £50,000.

Lymington and Pennington Town Council has said it is money well spent to ensure the longevity of their site which is the largest natural water swimming pool in the country.

Town clerk Caroline Godfrey said they hope to have it open in time for the May Bank Holiday.

"The Sea Water Baths are owned by the town council and we have a management arrangement in place to manage the service but the town council is still responsible for its upkeep and its structure," she said.

"We had the finances to do that and towards the end of last season we were suffering from deterioration of the base layer of material - or lining. There is no concrete floor you see. We have to cover the silt to stop it coming from the water and then cover with stones."

The swimming pool is now in the process of being refilled after receiving its new membrane, but there was more work to do, Ms Godfrey added.

"Then we looked at the rest of the structure and then, for the winter season, we closed in September last year. We have put new doors onto the structure, we have put a new roof on, we have repaired the pump and removed the former layer.

"Then there's fresh lining and then we're replacing some stones - 200 tonnes of it - and then filling it again. It takes the best part of a week to fill it as its almost the size of an Olympic pool along the width.

"Then it's topped up from the sea. Then we start the chlorination process and they do quality testing of the water.

"We're hoping it opens up ready for the bank holiday.

"The town council wishes to see it succeed and extend its life as long as we can."