I FEEL excited and terrified, Noel Gallagher is calling my mobile phone hours earlier than expected. The former Oasis guitarist and songwriter brings his solo tour to Bournemouth next Saturday and as such I’ve managed to blag an exclusive interview.

I say blag, because Noel rarely speaks to regional newspapers. With clammy palms I answer and am greeted by those distinctive Mancunian tones.

Noel and his brother Liam dominated the 90s’ and flew the flag for Britpop higher and louder than anyone else. With eight number one UK singles (think Wonderwall, Some Might Say and Don’t Look Back in Anger), then there’s the colossal live shows and you remember they were one of the highest selling bands of all time.

It’s all the stuff of rock legend. As such, Noel’s story is so well-documented that finding anything new is a serious challenge.

Infamously outspoken, I decide to take a chance and avoid the obvious questions. Having read countless interviews with Noel expertly deflecting questions about Oasis reforming or his strained sibling relationship.

Rightly or wrongly, I instead quiz Noel about current affairs and a selection of unusual fanboy questions. Having been the voice of a generation, I figure he can cope with this deviation from music journalist protocol.

As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. The 48 year old is still as pithy, down to earth and as foul-mouthed as you’d hope.

The unexpected phone call is soon explained by the time difference, as Noel is in Amsterdam having played Brussels the night before. The recent terrorist attacks in the country are on his mind, but he’s handling it all with the inimitable Gallagher swagger:

“Yeah, there was a lot of security on the entry and exits and a noticeable police presence. Other than that, pretty much as normal. Although, I had to pull a few gigs in Syria and I’m not going to make my long awaited debut in Iraq anytime soon.”

Being on tour in Europe I ask Noel about his thoughts on whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU.

“Nobody has asked my opinion thus far. The thing that bothers me is why have they given us a referendum on it? If the issue of being in Europe is too ****** big for David Cameron to handle then they shouldn’t be in office.

“And if they’re giving out referendums. Then why don’t they give out one for going to war or whether we should hang paedophiles or not?

Let’s have a referendum every six months then, do you know what I mean?”

Politics and Noel run deep and I remind him of the famous picture of him quaffing champagne with Tony Blair in Downing Street in 1997.

“I liked Tony Blair. Though I can’t remember any conversations we had to be honest, because I was as high as a mother ****** for most of the 90s’.

“But for the record, I thought he was a brilliant prime minister. Not for what he did, but for the way he managed those years in office.

“He was a lucky prime minister because economically we were living in good times. Then those naughty rough boy terrorists got angry about something and turned the world on its head and it’s been shit ever since.”

So what does Noel think about the current political leaders?

“There’s nobody to vote for. Jeremy Corbyn, I don’t think so.

What I will say in Corbyn’s favour is that he’s into politics and not power, which is a good thing because he’s not going to get any ******* power. As for David Cameron, well he’s not one of us is he?”

Sensing the interview lurching into Newsnight territory, I drop into conversation that his stage manager Pete Bell and drummer Jeremy Stacey are from the area and this prompts Noel to open up about his own personal connections with Bournemouth.

“My wife went to university in Bournemouth. Funnily enough, we went to Bournemouth for the weekend recently and found the pub she used to work in.

“Then after a drink we ended up walking through the streets, lo and behold we found the flat she used to live in. We didn’t knock on the door.”

The Gallagher family might even feature during the Bournemouth date on April 30 at the BIC.

“My wife Sara will be coming with me for this one and I might even bring her out with me on stage and introduce her to the crowd. She’s going to love me for that and my kids are coming with me as well.”

So does the old hellraiser take the family on tour these days?

“No. I take them on tour as little as possible. There’s nothing for them to do. Really the only exciting bit of being on tour is the gig itself, but that’s two hours out of a 24 hour day.

That’s another 22 hours you’ve got to fill. It’s not a place for children.

But you know what, they came to Barcelona as they were on their school holidays. Anywhere exotic they’ll come and visit for a week, like America or something.

I change topic and ask Noel about rumours of a forthcoming film about Oasis.

“It’s nearly finished mate. I’ve got to go and see a version of it when I get back to London.

"I know a lot of research went into it. But to be honest this shit was getting made while I was putting a record together, so I couldn’t devote that much time to it. I don’t think it’s going to unearth any unreleased new music and even if it did I can guarantee you it would be ****.

"I did 20 hours of interviews and so there were lots of things that I’d forgotten. I’d forgotten how insane a lot of that time was.

“It brought back a lot of really fond memories of just being young, carefree and single. I’d forgot how big we were and the huge impact we made. Perhaps not so much on music, but on people’s lives. I kind of had to take a step back and say ****.

"I never realised it at the time, which was probably a good thing as I would’ve turned into a ****.”

While Noel is getting misty-eyed about the past, I mention there’s a great photo of him and David Bowie posted on his Twitter account.

“First of all, I’m not on Twitter so it must one run from my office. I am on Instagram though.

"Let me see now. I remember going to see Bowie because he was being supported by Morrissey at Wembley arena. I got there early and someone came up to me in the bar and said “David would like to see you."

"I said what, David ******* Bowie?

"I got taken down to his dressing room and that’s where that photo was taken. I’ve no idea what I’m saying to him, I’ve no recollection of the meeting ever taking place apart from that picture of us laughing.

"But clearly David Bowie has got a fantastic sense of humour. I was probably slagging Liam off or something I don’t know.

"I met him again briefly on Jools Holland once, but I’m sad to say I was too young to appreciate the greatness.

"I wish I could have met him before he died and been a bit more grown up and lord knows what I said to him in that photo. Lord knows.”

So are there any living musical heroes he’d like to work with?

“I’d love to write a song for Morrissey. That would be fantastic and ******* beautiful. I’d also love to sing a song with Johnny Marr, that’d be great.

"Hmmm, I’d like to make a cup of tea for Neil Young. I’d even like to see Bob Dylan, just to see him in the street that would be amazing.

"You know I love all the greats. Mick Jagger and all that lot, Paul McCartney, Ray Davies.”

What about his old Britpop sparring partner Damon Albarn from Blur?

“Yeah. Well he’s making a new Gorillaz album and he’s got my number, so he only has to ask. There is talk of doing something, but I’m not sure what it is.

"But you can bet your life, the minute I finish this tour he’ll go out on his.

"I mean trying to get the two of us in the same room, would be a ******* miracle. But I’m certainly open to the idea for sure.”

With two solo albums under his belt as Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, I ask him about the progress in the studio of his third album.

“The best case scenario is that I’m going to finish it by the end of the year and get it out by the middle of next year. That’s what I hope is going to happen.

"What I think will happen is that I’ll probably still be ******* working on it next year, so I’m not sure.

"I’m kind of exactly halfway through shall we say.”

The last time Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds played at the BIC in 2012, the set-list featured a treasure trove of big Oasis singles and B-sides. Is Noel planning the same treat for fans on April 30?

“It’s quite evenly balanced out. But it depends where in the world I am, as to what I play. Abroad people are not aware of Oasis B-sides, so there’s no point in playing them.

"When I get back to England it’s nice to play them because they were such a big thing. I’m not sure what I’ll play in Bournemouth, but it will be distinctly average. All of it.”

Fanboy question alert. Feeling brave after chatting with Noel for the best part of half an hour, I tell him that I felt let down by Oasis third album, Be Here Now. I’d hoped for a more adventurous dance-music orientated album, after Noel had collaborated with dance acts like The Chemical Brothers and Goldie. Was that ever a possibility with Oasis?

“Ha ha. No.

"I might have been the only person in that band who was remotely interested or had a passing interest in dance music. The others were in Beatles heaven, I’m afraid.

"I think when you’re doing music, you should do what comes naturally to you. I had a go at dance music a bit, but only when the song required it.

"You could get a dance producer involved, but really at my age would I get laughed out of the charts? I think I might.

Plus, I don’t think people with kids should even dance.”

Noel is truly one of the last great rock stars and with the interview coming to a close, I ask him how long he plans to keep touring and playing live?

“As long as I’m still writing songs that I like, then I’ll keep making records. As such, I’ll still have to tour because lord knows you can’t make any money from selling records. Or certainly I can’t anyway.

"That said I’m looking forward to making another record. I don’t see an end to it.

"I’m sure one day, I’ll think **** this for a game of tennis. I can’t be arsed me.”

Mad for it. When Noel and the Oasis boys came to town...

★ October 5, 1995 at BIC – The Oasis juggernaut crashed into town at the height of Britpop, as part of the (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? tour.

★ June 23, 2004 at the Lighthouse Poole - They unveiled new material in a triumphant intimate set at Poole’s Lighthouse that pre-empted a critically-panned appearance at Glastonbury that year.

★ October 20-21, 2008 at BIC – A raucous double header as part of the ill-fated Dig Out Your Soul tour, which culminated in Noel Gallagher leaving the band in Paris the following year.

★ September 4, 2012 - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds debut in Bournemouth with Blur guitarist Graham Coxon as the surprise support act.

Top five greatest Noel Gallagher quotes

1) Until you’ve thrown a television set out of a window, you don’t even know the sense of joy that it brings.

2) (On brother Liam) He’s rude, arrogant, intimidating and lazy. He’s the angriest man you’ll ever meet. He’s like a man with a fork in a world of soup.

3) If I ever get to go to the moon, I’ll probably just stand on the moon and go: ‘Hmmm, yeah, fair enough, got to go home now.’

4) Yeah, I got stuck in with the drugs. Well that’s the difference between the working classes and the middle classes. The middle classes experiment with drugs while the working classes get stuck in.

5) I wouldn’t wish the Royal Family dead, just seriously maimed. I’d take a couple of legs off.