It looks like your average advertising board - albeit slightly more cryptic that your average promotional campaign.

This giant advertising space on Serpentine Road close to Poole Railway Station now carries the bold message "Legal Name Fraud. The truth. It's illegal to use a legal name."

But the people behind this bizarre billboard are followers of a Canadian known as Kate of Gaia, who believe that having a birth certificate makes you property of the Crown, and therefore signing your name constitutes copyright fraud.

Identical and similar messages are appearing on so called "truth billboards" across the country - including two others in Bournemouth in recent weeks - according to images posted on the 'Legal Name Fraud' Facebook pages, where photographs of these billboards in Plymouth, Newcastle, Swindon, Southampton, Newquay, Scotland, Lancashire and Liverpool are being shared.

Supporters also believe your legal name can be used to 'enslave and harm you' and that having a legal name is a form of contract with the devil.

The owners of the billboard space, are Primesight, who do not vet the posters used on their boards.