GERALD an abandoned lurcher with half his ears and tail is looking for a forever home.

Staff at Margaret Green Animal Rescue said that he may not be perfect, and is a bit of an “ugly duckling,” but that Gerald, 11, has a lot of love to give and is looking for a home and family of his own.

Rescue centre staff said they were very surprised he was brought into their centre in Purbeck as a stray.

Sporting just half of his ears and tail, staff said Gerald is the “ugly duckling” of lurchers at the charity’s centre, but his personality “more than makes up for it.”

Helen Chittock, manager at the centre, said: “We noticed that Gerald doesn’t have full length ears or a full tail and, as he was a stray, we cannot be sure why not.

“However, it does look as though they were cut off some years ago.”

In addition to his quirky looks, Gerald has Cushing’s disease. The condition means that the hormone cortisol is overproduced by the adrenal glands – these are located in the abdomen, close to the kidneys.

Staff said Gerald would be looking for an owner that would be prepared to manage his health for the rest of his life.

Mrs Chittock added: “Cushing’s disease is very manageable and thanks to his daily medication, Gerald does not suffer. Although he’s eleven, he is still very active and full of life. He could live with other dogs as he gets on so well with our other rescue dogs.”

Gerald can live with children aged five and over and may also get on with a cat.

Rescue staff said they are worried that people may be put off by Gerald’s looks, or age.

Mrs Chittock said: “Gerald won’t be the easiest dog to rehome.

“Most people come in looking for young dogs but rehoming a slightly older dog can be so rewarding. Gerald has a heart of gold and deserves to find his perfect forever home.”

If you think that you could be a good home match for Gerald contact the centre on 01929 471340 or email