A COUNCILLOR has claimed that he "would love to stick a broom through the spokes" of bikes being ridden on pavements.

Bournemouth Cycling Forum has said Cllr Nick Rose’s comments will “fuel hostility towards cyclists” and are "irresponsible".

Cllr Rose’s remarks, made while he was chairing the Westbourne Community Forum on Thursday, have also been described as “appalling” by local residents association chairman Rev Chris Colledge.

Rev Colledge said that the meeting descended into a “shambles” as Cllr Rose led a discussion , which came after a presentation about “cycle-friendly locations in Holland”, that was “completely irrelevant to Bournemouth”.

“I was somewhat disconcerted when Cllr Rose explained to the meeting that if he should find himself sharing a pavement with a cyclist he would insert a stick into the spokes of their wheel,” said Rev Colledge. “We do not attend these meetings to hear councillors make puerile remarks.”

But Cllr Rose, a self-published children's books author, told the Daily Echo: “If someone is cycling along the pavement irresponsibly and telling people to ‘f-off and get out the way’, I would love to stick a broom through his spoke. And I got a round of applause for that from the audience. It was obviously a joke.

"There was no-one angry… the only person angry was this Rev Colledge.”

Rev Colledge, however, disputed this and said Cllr Rose was being "totally serious" and had left some residents "offended and angry".

Angela Pooley, spokesperson for Bournemouth Cycling Forum, said: "Bournemouth Cycling Forum does not condone irresponsible behaviour by cyclists and believes that all road users should treat each other with respect whether you’re a cyclist; motorist or pedestrian.

"We therefore believe the comments made by Cllr Rose are irresponsible and fuel hostility towards cyclists.

"Fortunately there is a significant number of councillors and council officers that are actively working with the forum to promote safe cycling in and around Bournemouth."

Council leader John Beesley usually chairs the Westbourne and West Cliff community forums, both of which were presided over by Cllr Rose last week, and said it was the first time in 10 years he has been unable to attend.

"I am disappointed if they didn’t go as smoothly as they have done on every occasion up until last week," said Cllr Beesley.

"I always think it is useful for a new member to listen to what has gone before and try and understand those different dynamics, and obviously to work with colleagues and local residents.

"In terms of the two forums, I have always gone out of my way in chairing them to ensure that they are very community led, that the residents discuss the issues that are relevant to them, and they have exactly the amount of time they agreed on for each of those items."

This latest row came two days after Cllr Rose sent an email apologising for "letting off a little stream" to colleague Cllr Lawrence Williams during a private meeting. Cllr Williams said the matter was closed and he has accepted Cllr Rose's apology.

Earlier in the year Cllr Rose told residents campaigning to save Ensbury Park Library to "get some volunteers to run it", and accused The Edge restaurant of serving "mediocre food" during a planning meeting.

Leader Cllr Beesley refused to be drawn on whether Cllr Rose had become an embarrassment to the Conservative Party, or if senior councillors had wanted him to be their Police and Crime Commissioner candidate in order to keep him away from the town hall.

He said: "Nick Rose was elected last May as one of three councillors of Westbourne and West Cliff to serve a four-year term to serve the residents of the ward – and I hope he manages to integrate as an equal part of the team during those four years."