ONE of Dorset's most dangerous drivers has been jailed again after being caught behind the wheel of a car – despite a series of driving bans.

Lee Hogben, formerly of Stewart Road in Bournemouth, raced through residential streets at 50mph before driving the wrong way around a roundabout and finally reversing "at speed" into a police car on December 30 2015.

An officer in a marked car began following a green Rover 25 at around 8pm after watching it drive through a red light.

She saw the car going so fast that it "flew" over speed bumps. The officer began a pursuit through Castle Lane West and Charminster Road.

Tom Wright, prosecuting, said Hogben then turned the Rover's lights off and accelerated up to around 50mph, hurtling through another set of red lights and taking a roundabout on the wrong side of the road.

Forced to slow down because of traffic ahead, Hogben put the Rover into reverse and rammed into the police car.

He escaped on foot and was found hiding in undergrowth nearby after dog units were called to help with the search.

Hogben, 32, admitted driving while disqualified, using a motor vehicle without insurance, damaging property and driving dangerously. He appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court via prison video link for sentence.

Nick Robinson, mitigating, said members of the public may feel the defendant is a "menace" and a "nuisance".

However, he said: "These offences and other offending is linked with his mental health."

Hogben's mother, with whom he has a "tempestuous" relationship, had been diagnosed with a serious illness shortly before the offences, Mr Robinson said.

"His behaviour is chaotic," he added. "[Hogben's] mental ill-health is inextricably linked to his offending behaviour."

Judge Brian Forster QC said Hogben had "suffered much", adding: "I extend understanding to you in the sense that I recognise you have significant problems.

"At the same time, I have a duty to protect the public from your dangerous driving that could have resulted in a very nasty situation."

Hogben was sentenced to 12 months in prison, and given a three-year driving ban – the latest in a series of disqualifications.

The judge also asked for a psychiatric report about the defendant to be forwarded to the prison as there are concerns that Hogben may harm himself.