A WOMAN with a long-term diagnosis of schizophrenia killed herself just ten days after leaving a hospital unit specialising in mental healthcare, an inquest has heard.

Lisa Fursey, a mother-of-three who was born profoundly deaf, had lived with schizophrenia for more than a decade.

The 45-year-old died in hospital the day after jumping from the third floor balcony of her Turbury Park Avenue flat in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth Coroner's Court heard that ten days beforehand, she'd left the Linden Unit, Westhaven Hospital, Weymouth, where she'd been a patient for a fortnight.

She'd been receiving treatment after suffering an apparent psychotic deterioration in her condition, when she was seen banging her head on a wall in a pub then running out in front of cars.

Psychiatric reports read at the inquest showed medical staff at the Linden Unit were satisfied Ms Furzey did not represent a serious risk to herself before she was discharged. It was also noted Ms Furzey had been a voluntary patient and had requested to go home.

However, post-mortem toxicology reports suggested Ms Fursey may not have been taking her medication during the week leading up to her death.

The court also heard how the local mental health crisis team had made three unsuccessful attempts to contact Ms Furzey following her hospital discharge. A follow-up appointment would have been the the normal procedure in the circumstances, the inquest heard.

Ms Furzey's daughter, Chelsea Henderson, said in a statement read at Thursday's hearing, that her mum had tried to jump off the balcony before. She also said: "Mum was very good at hiding how she felt."

The official cause of death was severe traumatic brain injury as a result of a fall.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Mr Middleton said: "She took her own life whilst the balance of her mind was disturbed."