Talk Sport presenter Mike Parry made a bold statement earlier this year, saying if AFC Bournemouth got promoted he would 'jump off the end of Bournemouth Pier in a winged duck suit’.

Well, that still hasn't happened (mainly due to health and safety issues) and the lifelong Everton fan, has returned to the town to explain why ahead of today's game at Dean Court.

Speaking to AFC Bournemouth's Kelly Somers from Bournemouth Pier, Mike said: "Bournemouth were, with the greatest of respect, a tin pot club. 

"When it all started building up...I thought 'Bournemouth on the brink of the Premier League?' I thought that's ridiculous.

"I hadn't calculated for what a brilliant manager and set-up there is. You were preparing yourselves to become a Premier League club and you made it.

"What I did was what people who are on a losing streak always do, and if you start telling the lie long enough, it might come true.

"I was hoping fate might carry my passage safely to where I wouldn't have to do it."

He added: "I would have done it if the authorities would allow.

"So, I have had to pay my dues in some way but I can't jump off the Pier.

"So if you will allow me, I would like to make a donation to your favourite charity to pay my dues.

"It will be great to be there on the day to say a personal sorry to all those Cherries fans."

Mike presented the cheque for £500 before the match started. The money will go to Julia's House, where Eddie Howe is a patron.