YOUTUBE sensation CassetteBoy have been talking about copyright implications at an event at Bournemouth University.

As part of the national ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, the controversial but popular duo - which create 'mashups' of politicians rapping - talked about changes in the law which have worked in their favour.

They make parody videos for their YouTube channel featuring all manner of celebrities in the public eye.

Wishing to remain anonymous, one of the pair said: "We were infringing copyright for 20 years before the law changed, and never dreamt that our work would ever be legalised. The change in the law has had a huge impact on the work we've been able to do, and we're very happy to be able to talk about it and share our experiences."

The event on Thursday was organised by the Centre for Intellectual Property and Policy Management.

Co-director for the centre and associate professor in law, Dr Dinusha Mendis, said: “The reforms to copyright law which came about last year were certainly seen as a welcome change and much needed in a digital world dominated by user-generated content and collaborative creators.

"One year on from the reforms coming into force, we want to understand the impact the exceptions have had and are delighted to host speakers such as CassetteBoy - a ‘living example’ of the change."