CAMPAIGNERS fighting proposals to move a Bournemouth library have spoken of their concerns about the council's suggested new location.

Residents, school children and library supporters at Ensbury Park have rallied to get as many signatures as possible to stop plans to move the services to the Bournemouth Learning Centre at Slades Farm Road.

Geoff Budden, who is working on the social media side of the 'Keep Ensbury Park Library in Columbia Road' campaign, said he's been using the services since 1955.

"We're all just doing our bit," he said. "The council want to move it to Slades Farm; it's quite remote. There's no public transport and a lot of older people wouldn't go there."

He added: "The council keep making a song and dance about having a coffee bar there. It's not what we're really after."

The move from the 420 sq ft corner-plot in the heart of the community would be reduced to a 240 sq ft room at the new site, if civic chiefs go ahead with the plans.

"It's a very small room and it will sign the death warrant of our library," Mr Budden added.

Cllr Stephen Bartlett said the council would have a difficult decision on its hands for the future of the library that "punches well above its weight".

"While the council has a duty to look at a mechanism for saving money it has to be looked at with the views of the residents and there's a strength and feeling from them," he said.

"It's become more of a community centre as well due to some exceptional staff."

It is not yet known how much money would be saved through the proposal but the consultation document is expected later next week.

When asked of his thoughts on the lack of public transport to the new site, cllr Bartlett added: "I think that's a valid point. The location of the current library is very much in the heart of the community. People can pass it on a day-to-day basis.

"But there maybe some advantages to having it [at the new centre] because there's an option to enhance the services there."

Cllr Lawrence Williams, cabinet member for tourism, leisure and the arts, said: “At this stage what are being put forward are proposals and I am keen to hear residents’ views.

"Residents will be able to have their say through questionnaires via the Bournemouth libraries and online on the Council website. The consultation will run for two months into January 2016. An information board will also be available shortly at Ensbury Park Library.

“We understand the value and importance that residents place on library services in Ensbury Park and I would encourage all those with a view to take part in the consultation.”