TWO determined young brothers from Bournemouth are swimming the length of the Channel in their local swimming pool to raise money for children’s cancer charities.

Ted Hart, 10, and his brother Bobby, seven, have set themselves the challenge to swim 22 miles (35km) by Christmas to benefit the lives of poorly youngsters.

Each week the siblings swim 150 lengths each, the equivalent of 3km, and have so far completed 13km. They hope to raise at least £500 for Bournemouth-based charity Youth Cancer Trust and CLIC Sargent.

Joining the boys in the pool is their mum, Nicola.

She said: “I was swimming one day when I started thinking how I could help challenge the boys with their swimming while doing something for charity. So I asked them how they fancied helping poorly children by swimming from England to France, and they jumped at the idea.

“Our local gym, DW Sports, has kindly let us use their swimming pool free-of-charge for three months, and friends and family have been so supportive. Everyone’s amazed that two little people are taking on this challenge, and I’m quite proud that people believe we can finish this.”

Ted added: “Most of the time I think about myself, but I want to think about other people and give them a good time with their family.”

Both boys learned to swim with the Confidence Academy of Swimming, which Nicola said helped them become strong, competent swimmers.

“Living near the sea, it’s important to be a strong swimmer, and I’ve always wanted the boys to keep that up. Both are little beach bums, and they love being in the water. But this challenge is more than just going for a swim – it takes complete perseverance and determination,” she said.

“The younger of the boys has been quite tired at times, but a little pep talk always perks him up. They both want to do this and are completely determined. My eldest is completely focused and has shown a lot of strength of character.

“It just shows that kids have got a lot to give if you give them the opportunity to shine,” she added.

To follow the family’s progress, visit their Facebook page, Team Hart Swim the Channel, or to make a donation go to