A BOURNEMOUTH charity which helps victims of child sexual abuse has benefited from a £1,500 donation towards its essential support services.

Acts Fast received the funds from Bournemouth Children and Families Trust (B-CHFT) ahead of World Mental Health Day on Saturday, October 10.

Dr Andrew Mayers, a psychologist at Bournemouth University and Chair of Trustees for Acts Fast, said he was grateful for the donation. “At Acts Fast, we are concerned about how sexual abuse has a serious impact on the child’s future mental health.

“However, we cannot provide services without funding. This donation will make a huge difference to the work that we can do.”

Mandy Gulliver, service director at the charity, added the trust’s donation will help Acts Fast support non-abusive parents and carers. “Someone to talk and who will listen is vital in the recovery, not only for the parent, but for the whole family. We are grateful for B-CHFT’s generosity.”

She added: “Our aim is to ensure that the non-abusive parent or carer is freed from the guilt, shame and isolation experienced when their child discloses sexual abuse and to reduce the impact of the trauma.”

According to B-CHFT, one in four women will suffer domestic violence at some time in their lives. Audrey Davies, Chair of Trustees, said: “Perpetrators and sexual abusers come from all walks of life, and many individuals and families will be affected.

“Helping hands when you need them most is B-CHFT’s motto. We work with other local specialist organisations - like Acts Fast - to provide a haven of support, advice and guidance, to help you restore your feeling of self-worth, and your ability to take control of the situation.”

She added: “We are pleased to be able to provide a donation of £1,500 for their monthly phone line rental, to continue the valuable support, plus the monthly maintenance of their website,”