FANS got a chance to pose with the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne as he took part in filming at Portland Bill.

Rumours began to gather pace this afternoon that the heavy metal legend and reality TV star had been spotted on the isle. The Black Sabbath singer was spotted with his son, Jack Osbourne, filming for a TV show at Portland Bill.

As well as taking part in filming, Ozzy, Jack and the TV crew headed in to the Lobster Pot to enjoy a bite to eat.

Thankfully for staff at the café, he didn’t try and dine on a bat’s head, with most of the crew enjoying cod and chips. It is not yet known what the rockstar was filming, as crew and Ozzy kept quiet when they were quizzed by fans.

After eating, Ozzy was kind enough to pose for pictures with staff from the Lobster Pot and was also seen posing for pictures with fans.

Sami Thomas had decided to drive up to Portland Bill in an effort to get her two-year-old daughter, and a two-year-old boy she was babysitting, off to sleep.

As she stopped in a car at the popular tourist location, she spotted the famous frontman.

Sami said: “It was just luck really. I had parked up and this posh black Range Rover pulled over and loads of people got out of the car, and then I saw Ozzy Osborne get out of the car, but I thought I had missed him as he walked off.

“Eventually, the kids woke up and we went for a walk and as we were walking into the gift shop, he walked past us. I asked the security guard he was with for a photo with Ozzy and he said I’d have to ask him myself.

“I ran up to him and I asked him for a photo and he was lovely. He bent down to both kids and was talking to them, asking them their names and how old they were.

“He held their hands and said ‘I wish you both well in your life’ and then took a couple of selfies with me.

“I was quite surprised at how nice he was really.

"I thought that someone that well known and that famous might have said no, but he was so friendly and he had so much interest in the kids as well. He was a really nice man.”

Katie Bowden works at the Lobster Pot and posed for pictures with Ozzy after his meal.

She said: “They came in about half 12 to 1pm. There were 17 of them, they came in and most of them had cod and chips.

“They were filming a TV show but they couldn’t tell us much.

“He was really nice. Everyone that served him as well said they were really nice.”