IT has a towering pitched roof, windows, two doors and even a letter box - but, according to the planning application, this is a garage.

The construction, going up in a Parkstone garden, has raised the heckles of neighbours who say they fear the developer behind it has other plans in mind - especially as its largest opening doesn't appear wide enough for a car.

And Borough of Poole's planning enforcement team has just called the work to a halt as a result of their concerns.

The site at 45 Brixey Road has a busy planning history, with several planning applications to develop the garden space refused, including plans for flats, for two semi-detached homes, and most recently in 2011 an application for a one bed bungalow was turned down.

But last year planning permission was granted for a double garage - which is now underway. And in July planners granted permission for a second double garage right next to it.

According to the plans they will serve the two flats on the plot - but the Echo spoke to one of the flat owners who said he knew nothing about that.

Neighbour Tina Clarke told the Echo: "I've never seen a roof that high on a garage before. As far as I'm concerned they are building what they shouldn't be building and it needs to be taken down."

She added: "We're worried what he wants to do is get them up quick and go for retrospective planning permission."

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, added: "Anyone can see that that is not a double garage. I think they are making fools out of us and the council."

Work stopped on the building a few weeks ago and some of the roof structure has been taken down.

Andy Dearing, team manager enforcement, Borough of Poole, said: “The council was alerted to concerns about an unlawful development being undertaken at 45 Brixey Road. Officers investigated and found the current building did not conform with the planning approval given for a detached garage at the site.

“As a result of the officer’s advice the owner has ceased work on the building and is considering his planning options, which may include submitting a retrospective planning application. We are very grateful to residents for alerting us to these issues so that we may take swift action.”

The Echo was unable to contact the applicant, Pentagon (Poole) Ltd, where property developer Tony Philips is a director.