WOULD you let your son go to school with this haircut?

Mum Annalena McNally has spoken out after son Marc Thompson was sent home on his first day of school for having the 'wrong hairstyle' - for the second year in a row.

But teachers at Marc's school, Bishop of Winchester, say the 15-year-old's haircut contravenes strict school policy.

The row broke out last week as Marc was suspended on his first day back at the school - and it is the second time that the student has been told to go home after the summer holidays because of his hair.

Mum Annalena, who lives with her son in Boscombe, said: "His haircut hasn't changed - he had it on the first day of school last year, and they sent him home, and he's had it on the first day of school this year, and they've sent him back again.

"He went in for a 9.30am assembly and by 10am I got a call to say he had been sent home. I wanted to speak to the teacher who made the decision but, yet again, no one has given me a call from the school at all. I haven't heard from them."

She described Marc's hair as being short at the sides and spiky on top, and said: "It's like they just want to get rid of him.

"A number of the other students turned up with pink and white hair on the first day back. I don't understand why his haircut is fine in the middle of the year, but not when school starts. Last year they said it was too short - now they're saying it's too long."

In 2014, Marc was told he could return to school for lessons - but only if he sat in isolation, Annalena said.

However, she added that after she visited the school to complain, the decision was overturned.

"It's his final year at the school, and it's important for him to be there," she said.

"Teachers are there to teach kids, not to make decisions on his haircut."

A spokesperson from the school said she was not able to comment on specific cases, but added: "We are very definite about what is and isn't allowed.

"Our school policy is available to view online, and it is reiterated to parents frequently.

"The policy says, in relation to hairstyles, 'No extremes of fashion will be allowed'."