MORE rock falls have been reported on Portland as cliffs continue to erode in dramatic fashion.

But as tempting as it is to watch landslips, people are being urged to stay safe and heed warning signs.

Locals say the coastal area around Westcliff have been unstable for some time, but there has been a lot of movement over the past week.

Coastguards were first alerted to a cliff fall at West Weares last Wednesday when chunks fell away but there has been further movement over the weekend and reports of rocks falling near the path below.

A coastguard spokesman said: "We would advise people to keep clear of the area as it's hazardous."

The coast path at Westcliff was rerouted inland last year.

It is understood the local authority will be investigating what can be done further to keep people away from the unstable ground.

Photographs taken by Mark Godden show the earth opening up as the cliff moves.

Mr Godden, who took his pictures from a safe distance using a long lens, said: "The instability has been evident for a long time, and the path has been closed as a consequence, but the rate of movement has accelerated rapidly over the last few days."

Local historian and Portland resident Stuart Morris said he was not surprised about the recent cliff movement.

He said: "It's all part of the natural process, and it can look dramatic, but obviously people have to stay safe and heed the warning signs."

Retired engineer Mr Morris added: "It's a shame because the footpath, which is a very popular route, has been temporarily rerouted inland through Tout away from the cliff and it could do with upgrading.

"There's a way of dealing with it though so the path doesn't go inland. There was a big fall, a more extensive slip, in 1977 near Priory Corner and they brought back the path by clearing away some rubble. It's not quite the same at Westcliff but there is a way – it just needs people to do it, and the funding of course."