AN INQUIRY has been launched after an ambulance, thought to have been travelling the wrong way down a one-way street, was in a head-on collision with a motorbike.

The vehicle was attending an emergency call to a cardiac arrest on Poole Quay when the accident occurred on the corner of West Street and one-way road Bay Hog Lane, at around 6.40pm on Friday night Sarah Heap, of Upton, passed the scene shortly after the crash. She said the ambulance was close to the no entry' sign facing the wrong way down Bay Hog Lane, while the badly damaged bike was facing the opposite direction.

She added West Street was lined with traffic waiting to cross Poole Bridge at the time.

"If the driver thought the bridge was up maybe they assumed nothing would be coming," she added. "Maybe they were trying to avoid the traffic."

The 19-year-old motorcyclist was taken to Poole hospital with minor injuries and another ambulance was dispatched to the cardiac arrest.

Lisa Howells, also of Upton, saw the aftermath when pieces of the motorbike were scattered over the road and there was a large dent in the bumper of the ambulance.

She said: "It looked like it had gone down the wrong way."

Tony Saville, of Dorset ambulance service, said: "The matter is being investigated and is subject to an internal and police inquiry."

Police are appealing for witness to contact PC 1782 Adlem of Ferndown Road Policing Unit on 01202 222222.