CONCERNS have been raised about Poole's mobile library, which is to be taken off the road and used as a static library at a Wallisdown school.

Residents in the area were among those left without any provision after the axing of the vehicle which will save Borough of Poole £50,000 a year.

However while welcoming the siting of the vehicle at Talbot Primary School for three years, former Alderney Liberal Democrat councillor Tony Trent, who had campaigned over many years for the retention of a library at Wallisdown, questioned the finances and its future.

"I don't think people are happy with what's proposed," he said. He questioned what the annual cost of maintaining the vehicle would be and asked,"What happens after the three years are up?

"The vehicle will still exist and be kitted out as a library, even though its taken off the road. There will be time to explore alternative ideas - I would hope."

One of these could be it being taken on by a voluntary organisation, he suggested.

The report to cabinet said it was clear that some local residents in Wallisdown would like to have their own local library.

"As a result, it is proposed for the mobile library vehicle to be re-located to Talbot Primary School on a long-term stationary basis and available to be used by all of the community year round. This opportunity makes best use of an ageing vehicle in its current state, before it deteriorates further and requires replacement," said the report.

Sue Wills, library service manager, Borough of Poole, said: “The annual budget of £50,000 for the mobile library covers staffing costs, as well as all costs associated with keeping a vehicle on the road such as fuel, tax, servicing and repairs.

"By placing the vehicle permanently at Talbot Primary School we will be able to save these costs, whilst at the same time providing a community library for residents in the Wallisdown area."

She added: “There will be a small amount of ongoing maintenance required to keep electric doors and lighting operational; costs for this are still being finalised although are expected to be minimal. Any funding for maintenance will come from the existing libraries budget.”