"WE may have got justice today, but we haven't got Sam."

Those are the words of Samantha Henderson's mother Janelle on the day Dominic Isom was convicted of murder.

Speaking calmly and quietly outside Winchester Crown Court, Mrs Henderson paid tribute to her "fun, mischievous" and "bubbly" daughter, who died at Isom's hands on January 21 this year.

"She's going to be missed by a lot of people ," Mrs Henderson said.

Her words came after Family Liason Officer Vanessa Moyle read aloud a statement on behalf of the Henderson family The statement read: "Though justice has been served today, nothing will bring Sam, our caring, fun and vibrant daughter, back after we were cruelly robbed of her in January this year.

"We would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, the communities of Corfe Castle and Poole for helping search for Sam and for the support they have given us."

Speaking after the verdict, Tessa Hingston of the Crown Prosecution Service said: "On January 21 at their home in Corfe Castle, Dominic Isom assaulted Samantha with multiple blows to her head and neck.

"Following this Dominic tried to clean up the blood outside the house and wrapped Samantha's body in plastic sheeting and one of the children's duvets and drove her body to a lake in Poole.

"He disposed of her body along with her mobile phone and his blood stained clothes.

"Following her death, Dominic Isom spun a string of lies to explain Samantha's disappearance, saying she had 'gone off on one' and that she was 'agitated and snapped at him'."

She added: "Our thoughts are with Samantha Henderson's friends and family, and in particular her four young children, who have lost their mother.

"We hope that today's conviction brings some justice and closure for them."