VOICEMAILS from a man alleged to be Dominic Isom begging his partner to come home following her death were yesterday played to a court.

Prosecutors allege that 27-year-old Isom left a series of voicemails, texts and Whatsapp messages for Samantha Henderson after he allegedly killed her and dumped her body in a lake.

Isom, of Halves Cottages, Corfe Castle, denies murdering Ms Henderson, 25, between 3.15pm and 3.50pm on January 21 this year.

At 8.19am on January 22, a text was sent from Isom's mobile phone to Ms Henderson's.

It read: "Sam, I can't do this on my own."

A second, sent moments later, read: "I fell asleep at the window last night waiting for you to come back."

On the same morning, a call was made from Isom's phone to Dorset Police.

Audio of the call was played to jurors, in which a man's voice tells the operator that Ms Henderson left home at 4.30pm the previous day wearing just a jumper, jeans and slippers.

At one point, the operator said: "What's the matter?

"There's something you're holding back."

The male replied that he was distracted as he was taking care of four children.

"I'm getting quite worried now," he added.

"She's never done this in the whole time we've been together."

Later on the same day, at 12.38pm, a call was made from Isom's phone to Ms Henderson's and a voicemail left.

A muffled audio clip of a man's tearful voice was played to jurors, in which he said: "Please listen, you can't stay away any longer, please come back.

"I need you back here Sam, please."

Although parts of the message were indecipherable, the voice could be heard saying: "You don't have to go away and live another life - it'll get better.

"Sam please come back. I love you. Phone me please."

A second voicemail was recorded by the same voice on Ms Henderson's phone at 9.08pm on January 22.

In the message the man said: "Everyone's coming out looking for you, I need you to come home.

"I can't do this on my own Sam, please, I love you so much, please come home."

The trial, at Winchester Crown Court, continues.