A TURNAROUND Poole school now rated as Outstanding has revealed the secrets of its incredible success.

Silent lesson transitions, summer holiday work packs and extra lessons have all been introduced at Magna Academy in Canford Heath.

Just two years ago the then Ashdown Technology College was in special measures but rules introduced by new Principal Richard Tutt appear to have contributed to its new-found success.

In a letter to parents he outlined plans for children to move silently around the school and for summer work packs to be completed for every subject during the school holiday.

He also announced an "expectation" that every student in Years 7-9 sign up to at least one lunch time or after school club and said there will be a "vast array" of "Accelerating Progress" sessions on offer to those in Years 10 and 11.

On the subject of "lessons transitions", Mr Tutt said: "We will be introducing the expectation that students walk between lesson transitions in silence, apart from greeting staff and visitors.

"Students will be required to walk in silence on the left of the corridor/stairs between lessons. They will also need to carry their planner and pencil case in their hand. Students will also be required to have their ‘Ready for Learning’ cards in their top pocket of their blazer."

He said any breaches will incur a signature on their cards, leading to possible isolation, and students will be isolated with their tutors for the day if they have not written their names and the date on their cards.

He added: "Further sanctions will be applied to any student that continually does not meet our expectations."

He said the new rules will not apply around break times, lunch times of home time.

And he said students will be rewarded with "Vivos", which can be exchanged for products in an online shop, if they have no signatures on the negative sides of their cards.

In relation to summer holiday work he said: "As well as having a really good rest, it is also important that students devote some time to work on these packs over the summer holiday in order to keep their brains active and prepare for the new 2015-16 academic year."

And he added: "This has been an amazing year for the Magna community and we are very much looking forward to 2015-16. We can’t wait for our Year 7 and 12 students to start with us. Year 7 is oversubscribed with a waiting list and every week new students are joining us."

A spokesman for the school told the Daily Echo: "Silent transitions have been introduced at Magna as part of our continuous drive to increase standards and engagement. Students walk steadily, silently and purposefully to their next lesson. A lot of time is lost at the start of lessons in schools when students arrive chatting loudly, in completely the wrong frame of mind for the serious business of studying.

"It also allows students to reflect on their previous learning in a very safe and secure environment between lessons.

"Ofsted rated Magna's behaviour as outstanding on their recent visit, and noted that ‘Students behave exceptionally well around the Academy.’ and ‘Expectations of students’ behaviour are very high. Their response is excellent because these expectations are straightforward and made very clear.’"