THE Green Party has made political history in Dorset after winning its first ever seat on Bournemouth council.

Simon Bull took one of the three seats being contested in the Winton East ward with 933 votes following a recount at the Town Hall this morning.

The other two seats in the ward went to Conservatives, with the third Tory candidate, Theo Stratton, losing his seat on the council.

Furthermore, Cllr Bull has increased his lead to 14 votes over Mr Stratton since the last count.

The result concludes an election which was otherwise devastating for most of the non-Tory groups, with Labour and the Liberal Democrats losing all their seats on the council following last Thursday's poll.

Cllr Bull said: “I’m delighted that we’ve finally got a Green councillor in Bournemouth.

“It’s been a long time coming and in the sea of blue it's a very small speck of green, but we can work from there."

He continued: "I'm pleased that we've got more votes. I guess the recount was a formality that the Conservatives felt was necessary to go through to confirm the result, but it went in our favour."

Cllr Bull is now the party's first councillor in Dorset to be elected at this level, with other Greens serving only on town and parish councils.

The make-up of Bournemouth council now stands at 51 Conservatives, one UKIP, one independent and one Green.

Full result: Walkiria Bass, Green Party 797 Simon Bull, Green Party 933 Sharon Carr-Brown, Labour Party 772 Tom Daniel-Moon, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 68 Marilyn Day, UKIP 749 Matthew Gillett, Liberal Democrats 520 Mike Goff, Labour Party 724 Stuart Lane, Green Party 873 Bev Lloyd, Bournemouth Independent Alliance 325 Donald McQueen, Conservative Party 1198 Patrick Oakley, Conservative Party 1341 Mike Plummer, Liberal Democrats 378 Theo Stratton, Conservative Party 919 Ian Taylor, Labour Party 661 Turnout: 49.65%