THE pattern of increased support for the Conservative Party continued this morning with a strong showing for the East Dorset District Council election.

Tory candidates were elected or re-elected in Alderholt, Ameysford, Colehill West, Corfe Mullen, Ferndown Central, Hampreston and Longham, Parley, St Leonards, Stour and West Moors and Holt.

Wimborne Minster bucked the trend, with Liberal Democrats Shane Bartlett and David Morgan taking seats with a small majority, while in Colehill East Lib Dem Janet Dover kept her seat, joined by Conservative KD Johnson.

In Ferndown Central, Parley and West Moors and Holt, Ukip came in second place, as in other wards only contested by them and the Tories, but they were beaten in votes by Green Party candidate Susan Durant in Wimborne.

The Lib Dems enjoyed strong support in both Colehill wards.

The count was at Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre this morning. The returning officer was Christchurch and East Dorset Partnership chief executive David McIntosh.


The results:



Keith Mayo UK Independence Party (UKIP) 338

Ian James Monks (elected) The Conservative Party Candidate 1,133

Aaron Roy Mudd Green Party Candidate 332



Cathy Lugg (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 1,145

Lawrence Wilson UK Independence Party (UKIP) 529


Colehill East

Janet Dover (elected) Liberal Democrats 1,858

K. D. Johnson (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 1,333

Brian Lowe UK Independence Party (UKIP) 548

Stefan Morawiec UK Independence Party (UKIP) 415

Barry Roberts Liberal Democrats 1,080

Graeme Matthew David Smith Conservative Party Candidate 1,230


Colehill West

Linda Dickins Liberal Democrats 617

Stephen Homer UK Independence Party (UKIP) 193

David Geoffrey Lawson Packer (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 927


Corfe Mullen

Sarah Jayne Burns (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 2,420

Derek Burt (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 2,202

Dave William Evans UK Independence Party (UKIP) 985

Josephine Marie Evans UK Independence Party (UKIP) 866

Paul Ronald Harrison (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 2,018

Stewart Campbell Hearn Liberal Democrats 1,791

Bill Honeyman Liberal Democrats 1,924

Jason Darryl Jones Liberal Democrats 1,534

David Mattocks UK Independence Party (UKIP) 940

David Peden Labour Party 452


Ferndown Central

Geoff Laidlaw UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,336

Sue Laidlaw UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,334

David Anthony Lee Labour Party 744

Peter Lucas UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,100

Steve Lugg (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 2,645

Peter George Oggelsby (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 2,315

Julie Lorraine Robinson (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 2,351


Hampreston & Longham

Lyn Ovens UK Independence Party (UKIP) 511

George Winston Russell (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 1,374



Nigel Antony Bales Green Party Candidate 288

Peter Durant - 309

Barbara Theresa Manuel (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 1,899

Ann Josephine Miller UK Independence Party (UKIP) 859

Kenny Pearce UK Independence Party (UKIP) 790

Martyn James Rainer Green Party Candidate 246

John Leslie Wilson (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 1,740


St Leonards

Ray Bryan (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 3,292

Tony Connor UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,562

Mike Dyer (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 3,386

Barry Goringe (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 3,088

Oliver Kent UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,413

Alistair Somerville-Ford UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,203

Stour Robin David Cook (elected) The Conservative Party Candidate 944

Simon Nicholas Pritchard Independent 608


West Moors & Holt

Bob Blake UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,267

Alexander Arthur John Clarke (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 2,736

Brian Cropper Labour Party 610

Mike Hawkes Green Party Candidate 637

Linda Hills UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,136

Peter Hills UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,005

Peter Holden Independent 1,157

David William Shortell (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 2,351

Andy Skeats (elected) Conservative Party Candidate 2,313


Wimborne Minster

Shane Kevin Bartlett (elected) Liberal Democrats 1,155

Edward Beardsley - 192

Susan Margaret Durant Green Party Candidate 482

Sally Elliot Conservative Party Candidate 906

Stuart Evans UK Independence Party (UKIP) 437

Shirley Ann Mear Independent 204

David Morgan (elected) Liberal Democrats 1,110

Kelly Frances Webb Conservative Party Candidate 1,096

Nick Wellstead UK Independence Party (UKIP) 473