SOUTH coast duo John Moran and Khalid Mahmoud have partnered up to launch new clothing brand NoGood.

Khalid, from Bournemouth, and John, from the Isle of Wight, say they are aiming to be "an inspirational urban and coastal fashion company, with a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) to become a global household name".

Having only launched in December, they say that the brand is already building a strong and loyal following and the pair are also finalising sponsorship deals with several up and coming urban music artists.

It’s somewhat of a step in a new direction for the NoGood clothing owners, as John currently works as a full time gas engineer, while Khalid is a network engineer in the defence industry.

Currently selling through the brand website - - and marketing mainly through their social media channels, the pair have an eco-friendly outlook and a vision towards incorporating charity work into the business in the future.

Khalid said: “As a business we plan to build NoGood organically, it can be somewhat of a slower process but it suits us with our current work commitments.

"The project started off as a hobby while we were flat sharing in Bournemouth, we both have a passion for entrepreneurship and figured instead of sticking the Playstation on or watching a box set why not use this time to try and build something we share a passion for?”

They acknowledged the challenges ahead, but said that they would like to inspire young businesses to get out there and do something with those ideas and spare time.

John added: “We both have a huge passion in men’s fashion and clothing, especially the urban sector of which we’re targeting.

"Because we have trained and work full time in different careers shouldn’t mean we can’t have a place within this huge market.

"It just simply means we need to manage the business differently to other companies within the sector. It’s vital we know our limitations personally and when its time to seek advice and help with our progress.

“The name to us originated from a term we use amongst our friends group to brag about our achievements, for example I may send a picture message to Khalid of me finishing work early with a glass of champagne with the caption underneath saying ‘No Good?’”

"So it’s basically a question we all ready know the answer to, however we have had a lot of our early adopters tell us various thoughts on what they believed the name means.

"For example, one customer thought it was a means of disregarding the fact that a lot of the youth are stereotyped as no good because of their age and appearance, when in fact they’re not. We always love to hear other people’s interpretations on the brand and we feel that NoGood is whatever the customer wants it to be."