POOLE Liberal Democrat candidate Phil Eades has criticised Conservative Robert Syms for not attending any of the five hustings events arranged by Churches Together in Poole.

Phil Eades said: “The sheer arrogance of Poole’s sitting MP hiding away from his electorate at his country estate in Wiltshire or his taxpayer funded house in West London whilst others of us are fighting an election campaign is breath-taking.

“He knows that he doesn’t have to face voters in Poole as traditionally Poole has been a rock solid Tory seat.

“This proves everything that is wrong about an election system that can lead MPs to treat their constituents in this manner.”

He added: “It comes as no surprise to me of course as he played the same stunt before the last election.”

Mr Syms office told organisers he was, “not able to fit any of the five church hustings events in his diary”. They take place between April 28 and May 6.