TEENAGER Lisa Agar told how she partied with Prince William and his pals after bumping into them at Elements night-club in Bournemouth.

The 19-year-old danced with William and was even invited back to the officers' mess for drinks by William's mate Rufus, a lieutenant.

Lisa bumped into the party at Disco Fever in Elements in the early hours of Friday morning and ended up doing sixties-style jive dancing with William on the podium.

She said: "It was quite funny because I know the security guards at the club and they said Prince William is in here' and I said oh yeah, funny, ha ha'. He was telling everyone that his name was Danny and he was from London and he often gets mistaken for William.

"But his friends were saying that's Hugh, Rufus and Will'. We started dancing with them. He was dancing with bouncers and everyone. I wish I had got a video of us pratting around on the stage.

"When people began to realise who he was, he was totally up front and posed quite happily for mobile phone snaps with a number of girls, including me.

"He was just a normal person, absolutely down-to-earth. I don't really follow much about the Royal Family. He said that I was a good dancer. We said why are you in Bournemouth' and he said it's either Weymouth or Bournemouth and Bournemouth is better'.

"We asked if he was coming out again and Rufus said yeah definitely' and William said he wanted to."

The group revealed they had already been in Walkabout earlier in the evening.

When the night-club closed Lisa and a pal were invited to go back with the group by Rufus to the officers mess at Bovington she added.

"They were like come back to the officers' mess' and we walked to their cars - an Audi and a big Landrover Sports and they all jumped in.

"William jumped in the Audi. I waited with Rufus and we got a lift back to Bovvy. We had a few drinks and then I came back home," she said.

William did not mention girlfriend Kate Middleton but loyally never looked at another girl all evening she said.

"The officers' mess was quite posh but the rooms were only little. William was friendly but didn't go near any girls," she added.