POLICE are investigating complaints of an alleged sexual assault in a Bournemouth lap dancing club.

A businesswoman says she felt violated after she was licked and touched by one of the female dancers.

Georgina Allibone, 22, a business development manager, went to Wiggle in Old Christchurch Road after a meal out with clients and two of her colleagues.

Georgina said: "One of my colleagues paid for a dance for me as a joke. I was pretty uncomfortable and glad when it was over."

She said: "Later the dancer came up to the table and before I knew what was happening she had pulled the strap of my dress down, exposing my breast and she licked me.

"I felt humiliated because it had happened in front of my colleagues.

"I just felt violated."

Georgina said that when she complained to the manager he did not seem to care.

She said: "I am not shy and I don't mind girls dancing on stage but if they have a no touching rule they should stick to it.

"I am sure some men would get turned on by that kind of thing but I just found it really embarrassing.

"I will definitely never go there again."

A spokesman for the club said he had checked the CCTV footage and that he could not see any such incident.

"It is a difficult situation because ultimately it is one against one. As far as I am concerned the situation has been dealt with."

He added that he had spoken to the dancer in question and that she claimed did not know what he was talking about.

He alleged that Georgina Allibone was incredibly drunk' at the time, a claim which she strenuously denies.

The incident has been reported to police. A spokesman said: "We are classing it as a sexual assault and we are in the early stages of investigating." She said the police would be checking CCTV footage and talking to witnesses.