YOUNG mum and Bournemouth University student Charleyy Hodson has been named in the top five list of influential girl gamers in the UK.

Gaming site has announced what it considers to be the five women under 30 with the most influence in the gaming community.

Charleyy, 23, has been described as “The Relatable One” and praised for her down-to-earth blog, Confessions of a Gamer Girl, which has 20,000 followers.

A spokesperson for said: “It has been great to find out about these inspiring women and how they are making a difference to the view of what a girl gamer actually is.

“In light of the recent news about more females playing games than men we wanted to acknowledge the increasingly important and influential role of young women in the industry.”

Charleyy said: “I called my blog ‘Confessions of a Gamer Girl’ because there seemed to be a very limited female approach to gaming online.

“I thought it would be refreshing to demonstrate that females take a professional approach to gaming but we can also have a laugh too.

“Hopefully it will get to the point that we aren’t labelled as ‘women in the industry’ but instead are called by our names and acknowledged for our opinions and skills.”

The gender balance of video gamers is changing with girls and women set to dominate the market for the first time this year, making up 52 per cent of UK video game buyers.