REPORTS of a “loud bang” saw emergency services rush to a road in Boscombe on Saturday night.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police confirmed the force was called to Adeline Road at 9.55pm after residents reported the noise.

“We received reports of a loud bang in the area,” she added. “It is believed to have been as a result of a small arson and was referred to the fire service.”

A spokesperson for Dorset Fire and Rescue said one crew attended the scene and it is believed there had been a small bin fire, which was extinguished before firefighters reached the scene.

There were also reports of a loud noise at around 8pm in Spencer Road, Springbourne, but the emergency services did not have any record of an incident.

The incident came after similar reports of a “noise like an explosion” on Thursday night at Nursling Green in Throop, which was heard as far away as Muscliff.