THE grandparents of teenager Jade Clark have appealed for information after a mobility scooter donated after her death was stolen from their garden.

Colin Pidgley was given the scooter through Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Ringwood Young Firefighters Association – to which Jade belonged – in June last year.

But when he and wife Linda left their bungalow for just half an hour on Saturday evening, thieves, who they believe were watching the house, struck.

The scooter was fitted with a plaque dedicated to Jade’s memory, and the couple said they are desperate to have this returned to them.

Mrs Pidgley said: “The scooter was donated to us, so we’d obviously like to have it back as they’re so expensive and Colin needs it. But we would most like the plaque returned to us. It’s not about the scooter itself – it’s about what it represents to us. We are heartbroken by it.”

Hairdresser Jade was just 16 when she was killed in a collision on the A31 on February 24 last year.

Mrs Pidgley said the house had been empty for around 30 minutes when the scooter was stolen from the garden.

The padlock of a chain used to secure the scooter to a post is believed to have been cut off, although no trace of the lock has been found.

“I’d gone out with my daughter for her birthday, and Colin came to pick me up from Bournemouth at around 9.10pm,” said Mrs Pidgley.

“We were back at 9.40pm, and by then someone had come in and taken it.”

It is not yet known how thieves made their escape without the key to the scooter, although specialist forensic officers yesterday scoured the garden for clues.

“The back garden is closed off, so they must have been waiting for us to go out,” said Mrs Pidgley.

“They must have known what they were looking for. This is about much more than someone stealing something from us, and we just hope someone will come forward.”

The scooter was presented to Mr Pidgley by Jade’s Young Firefighters colleagues at a ceremony at Ringwood fire station.

The plaque reads: “Donated by Ringwood YFA in memory of Jade Clark.”

There have not yet been any arrests in connection with the theft.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Dorset Police on 101 quoting incident number 4517.