A POOLE pensioner has prompted an investigation after discovering six windows in his warden assisted block shattered spontaneously.

Terry Dugdale, 65, of Simmonds Close in Oakdale, was shocked to find the inner pane of glass of his bathroom window smashed – while the outer one was intact.

He was advised by Poole Housing Partnership, which manages the block, to claim on his insurance. But baffled as to how it had happened, he investigated further.

The retired sales rep, who has lived in the flats for three years, discovered that five of his neighbours had also had the exact same “exploding window” problem – including one elderly resident who was in the bathroom at the time it happened.

After researching on the internet he discovered that it was a known phenomenon, which can occur in colder weather as a result of changes in pressure – most frequently in late December and January.

After presenting his evidence to PHP they have now agreed to pay for repairs – and are looking into the issue.

Mr Dugdale told the Echo: “You’ve got six windows here – do they think six people are suddenly going around and smashing their windows?

“The thing I can’t understand is why they didn’t investigate what was happening in the first place.

“I think they should seriously think about replacing all the double glazing in these units which are over 20 years old.

“One of my neighbours was actually in the bathroom when it happened and it scared her to death.

“She could have been caught by the glass.”

Matt Wilkin, communications officer at PHP Ltd said: “We were alerted to several cases of cracked windows at Simmonds Close over the Christmas period.

“As these windows were at the end of their life, we’ve arranged for new argon-filled units to be fitted which should last for a further 25 years.

“Investigations are now underway to identify the cause of the cracked windows and we are working with residents to minimise the inconvenience while the repairs are ongoing.”