A TWO-year-old girl and her two brothers are celebrating a special Christmas after receiving awards for their bravery during her battle with cancer.

Lucy Rodriguez was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in May 2012, a rare cancer of the eye which chiefly affects children.

She has endured laser and cryotherapy treatments, and had her right eye removed earlier this year to save her life.

Just two months shy of her third birthday, Lucy, from Blandford, and her brothers George, six, and Tom, four, have been named as CHECT Champions by the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust for their “remarkable levels of courage and resilience”.

“Lucy has been through so much and this award means the world to her,” said proud mum Tracey Rodriguez.

“She really is an inspiration to all of us, as are George and Tom who have been the perfect older brothers. Both of them also had to go through tests to make sure they were clear of retinoblastoma which can be heritable.

“Life so far has been one long battle for Lucy but that hasn’t prevented her from blossoming into a strong willed, independent little girl who can do anything she puts her mind to.”

She said Lucy copes well with her artificial eye, with help from her brothers. They are all looking forward to Christmas.

“They’ve been there for her every step of the way through all the hospital visits, operations, check-ups, you name it. I’m just so proud of the three of them,” Tracey added.

Lucy is still regularly monitored by doctors for signs of her condition. She and her brothers received a medal, framed certificate and goody bag.

The CHECT Champion awards – sponsored by Credit Suisse – aim to recognise the courage and resilience shown by children affected by retinoblastoma (Rb) throughout treatment and beyond.

“Lucy, George and Tom have been through so much over the last three years but they’ve shown remarkable levels of courage and resilience,” said CHECT chief executive Joy Felgate.

“Rb causes an immense amount of upset and disruption but they have absolutely refused to let things get on top of them.”