A BOURNEMOUTH lap dancing club, currently the subject of a review, is facing further allegations of unethical behaviour.

After the Echo revealed how a drunk customer spent £7,500 in one night in Spearmint Rhino, several others have come forward to claim they too felt they had been “exploited” by staff.

Bournemouth councillor David Smith said he had received numerous additional complaints and was looking into whether their allegations could be presented to the licensing board when they consider Spearmint Rhino’s licence next month.

One complainant alleged their mentally disabled brother, who has limited reading and writing abilities and is partially deaf, spent £7,000 in the club in 2011. “He was given personal attention and was pestered into buying drinks for which he had to sign receipts,” she said. “He has no idea whatsoever of the value of numbers or money and he was completely unaware that his entire life savings were being taken away from him.”

Another complaint is from a parent who alleged his 18-year-old son had unauthorised transactions taken from his account after visiting Spearmint Rhino in October 2013. He claims his son was overcharged for two lapdances and then had two further amounts of money taken from his account at a time when he was home in bed.

Earlier this week, the Echo reported how an unnamed Northern Irish man had registered a formal objection against the renewal of Spearmint Rhino’s sexual entertainment venue licence. He claimed staff there took advantage of his intoxicated state and took a total of £7,500 from his account in 13 separate transactions.

Cllr Smith said: “I’m alarmed at the amount of people coming forward alleging they have been ripped off by Spearmint Rhino.

“I am currently sifting through all the information I have received and looking at what evidence can be presented to the licensing board on December 2.”

Robert Sutherland, consultant solicitor for Spearmint Rhino said he was not aware of these matters: “The licence holder takes all allegations of fraud seriously and if complaints have been made to appropriate bodies then I expect investigations have been conducted and appropriate action taken.

“Spearmint Rhino cooperate with the police, other authorities and banks in any and all enquiries.”