A PAIR of John Lennon’s distinctive round glasses he gave to a woman who pinched his bottom during a conga dance have been discovered in her underwear drawer.

Wendy Lewis, who is originally from Bournemouth, sat down at a nightclub table with the Beatle after he told her the cheeky act had been ‘lovely’ and had asked her to do it again.

Lennon handed 27-year-old Wendy his gold-framed spectacles because she struggled to read the London nightclub’s menu in the dark.

He left them at the table and Wendy put them in her handbag for safekeeping with the intention of giving them back to him but never saw him again.

Wendy, who was a respected fashion designer to the stars in the 60s, is now selling them for £25,000 at Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles.

She is also auctioning the menu she attempted to read at London's famous Ad Lib nightclub on the night she met Lennon in 1966.

Wendy, now aged 75 and living in Cirencester, said: “I kept them in a glasses case in my knicker drawer for about 25 years until I needed glasses. I had the lenses changed over to my ones but they were still the same frames.

“I got some nice Armani ones a few years later and returned the round pair to the drawer.

“I have never given them much thought until somebody suggested I could sell them.”