A THIEF who stole a BMW from its owner’s driveway before leading police on an 80 mile per hour chase through residential roads has been given a second chance by a judge.

Wayne Griffin, of Christchurch Road in Bournemouth, took the car in the early hours of the morning July 15 this year after an associate handed him the stolen key.

The owner heard the engine start and was only able to watch through his bedroom window as 29-year-old Griffin rammed the vehicle into a wall before speeding off.

Shortly afterwards, an officer began to tail the defendant, turning the lights on and indicating for him to pull over.

But Griffin – who only holds a provisional license – began a desperate attempt to evade the police, beginning a five-and-a-half mile race through residential roads in Poole.

As well as motoring through two red lights, he also took two roundabouts the wrong way and pulled straight out of a junction without slowing.

Simon Jones, prosecuting the case at Bournemouth Crown Court, said: “Eventually the chase ended up in a dead end at Mansfield Close, Poole.

“The defendant alighted from the vehicle but left a rucksack with papers in the car, which inside had papers that identified him.”

The defendant admitted handling stolen goods and aggressive vehicle taking at the court.

Robert Pawson, mitigating, said Griffin had gone into care as a child, and used crack cocaine for the first time at 13.

“Something changed when at the beginning of the year when he was diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder and given an anti-psychotic medication,” he said.

He also told the court that Griffin’s secure accommodation will not be held for him if he is given an immediate custodial sentence.

Judge Samuel Wiggs said he would release the defendant – who had been previously remanded into custody – on conditional bail before he is sentenced on October 30 at the court.

“I originally thought I would be sending you to prison today for 10 months,” he said.

“However, it’s important that you have somewhere to live and I will give you the chance by adjourning the sentence.”