A DANGEROUS driver who has a court history “littered” with driving disqualifications rammed a police car in an Audi after trying to evade officers.

Lee Hogben – who in February 2012 stole a refuse lorry and smashed into police vehicles on a 70-mile chase across Dorset – admitted driving away from officers on July 29 this year, finally reversing into their unmarked car.

A judge at Bournemouth Crown Court heard it was just the latest in a string of offences for the 31-year-old, who has four convictions for dangerous driving.

Prosecuting, Kerry Maylin said that on the morning of Hogben’s latest offence, an officer in an unmarked BMW spotted the black Audi in Recreation Road, Poole.

“He was concerned and decided he needed to follow it in order to identify the driver,” she said.

“It was his impression that the driver noticed it was in fact a police car and upon reaching Lincoln Road, accelerated to a high speed to avoid stopping for the officer’s vehicle.”

The Audi finally came to a halt off Ringwood Road, when Hogben twice reversed it into the front of the police car, damaging the front bumper, grille and bonnet.

Ms Maylin said the defendant has 33 convictions for 89 offences.

“He clearly has had a very distinct relationship with cars,” she said.

“His antecedent history is littered with driving while disqualified offences from a young age.”

Nick Robinson said his client had a “short fuse” and was learning how to control his temper.

“He has probably not developed an adult ability to think things through,” he said, adding that Hogben has a “low tolerance for stress”.

“He has not fulfilled the potential he clearly has,” he said.

“He uses his fists and cars as weapons.”

However, Mr Robinson said Hogben is to enrol on programmes in prison that will provide him with “structure and guidance”.

Hogben, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to driving dangerously, driving while disqualified and criminal damage.

He was most recently stripped of his licence in 2012, with a judge ordering him not to step behind the wheel of a car for a decade.

Sentencing him to six months behind bars, Judge Peter Johnson said the maximum sentence allowed for an offence of dangerous driving is two years.

“This does not involve drink or drugs,” he said.

“At the age of 32, there are some green shoots, or signs of green shoots, that you are going to change your behaviour.”

Hogben posted pictures on Facebook

DISQUALIFIED driver Lee Hogben used a photograph allegedly showing a car being driven at 140 miles per hour as his Facebook profile picture.

The photo – posted on the social network in May 2014 – appears to show a blurry image of a speedometer.

Another posted on the same day shows Hogben sitting on the bonnet of a green BMW.

Earlier that month, he had used an image of himself circulated by police as his profile picture.

The image was given to the media in 2013 after he went on the run after being let out of prison early.

Words above the photograph say: “If you see him, do not approach him but call 999.”

Three days after running away on January 11, 2013, he reposted a story from the Bournemouth Echo’s Facebook page about his own disappearance.

Hurled tirade of abuse

HOGBEN shouted abuse at shocked magistrates after being denied bail at his first court appearance in July.

As Hogben’s solicitor Robert Renshaw explained that he wished his client to be produced before judges at his preliminary hearing, rather than appearing over prison video link, the defendant loudly said: “No, you won’t [see me] – I’m going to hang myself.” He went on to hurl abuse at magistrates, telling them: “I’m going to dig up your dead grannies and [have sex with them].”