WORK has started on a giant piece of street wall art to publicise the forthcoming Great Exhibition of Boscombe.

Measuring a massive seven metres by 15 metres, and entitled ‘Awakening,’ the urban mural is the creation of internationally acclaimed artist Bark Lloyd, who has exhibited alongside Sir Anthony Caro and Banksy.

The wall in Roumelia Lane is set to be completed over the duration of the Great Exhibition of Boscombe, a nine-day programme of free arts and cultural events running from October 4 to 12.

Mark said: “My associate artist Anna Stus and I are both honoured and excited to have the opportunity to create something wonderful for the local community and hopefully this is just the start of many more unique murals for Boscombe and Bournemouth.”

And project manager Clare Belmont said: “Public art enhances and raises design and artistic standards within urban environments and improves the quality of our open spaces.

“There is significant evidence that professional commissioned public art can bring communities together, underpin the distinctiveness, sense of place and cultural identity of a town whilst improving social cohesion. My hope is that this mural will pave the way for more public art with a positive message and a legacy in the heart of our community.”

The Great Exhibition of Boscombe is supported by the Coastal BID. Activities and events will take place between 10am and 4pm daily, for more information visit