THIS was the souldestroying scene that greeted Elaine Shanley after a lorry reversed into a wall which then came crashing down on her beloved BMW.

The 61-year-old’s car was written off after a lorry making a delivery to a neighbouring premises reversed into the wall and left her car covered in rubble.

But bizarrely it was not the first time, having found her vehicle buried under a mountain of bricks five years ago in exactly the same place.

And Elaine, the live-in house manager at the over-60s flats called Homemill House in Station Road, New Milton, is not alone, as the wall has been knocked down seven times over the last 14 years.

The mum-of-two told how she was alerted to what happened by a resident who saw the accident as it unfolded.

She said: “There was my car sat underneath a brick wall again.

“The front of my car was covered in this rubble. It was just disbelief, I thought ‘not again’.

It’s just horrendous.”

The six-foot wall had fallen on to her black Z3 black BMW.

Elaine has been told by mechanics that repairs will cost around £3,000 and that they have judged the car a write-off.

Unfortunately the wall is part of the lease and therefore cannot be removed and will instead have to be rebuilt.

“The moral of the story is not to park your car behind the wall, but that’s the only place for me to park because we have only got so many parking spaces,” she added.

She has also urged drivers of lorries using the next door car park for deliveries to use smaller vehicles in the future to prevent the wall from collapsing again.