THE finishing touches are being made to the world’s first pier-to-shore zip wire, which will be open to thrill-seekers soon.

The last zip wire line was installed yesterday morning, linking up a new zip wire tower on the end of Bournemouth Pier with a specially-created landing stage on the beach.

All that remains is for feature lighting to be added to the tower and the reinstatement of some pier decking before the ride will be tested by independent safety inspectors on September 2.

The ride has been funded and built by private company Openwide International, which has a lease to operate the pier. They spent years trying to find an attraction that would draw more visitors to the pier but would not compromise the historic pier’s character.

Rory Holburn, left, commercial director of Openwide International, said: “After that (the safety inspection), full operational and safety training procedures will be worked through, at a gentle pace, to ensure that there is perfect safety and an excellent customer service.”

He said they hoped to have the zip wire by the first weekend in September and said updates would be posted on their website and Facebook page.

“This has been an incredibly exciting project that Openwide International Ltd has worked on – very unique and in a unique and exceptional location.

“This is a really positive good news story for UK piers. Whilst many piers are struggling to survive Bournemouth Pier is bucking the trend and has been very innovative in reinventing itself.

“The zip wire and Rock Reef are all year round attractions and it’s been about making sure that the pier is not just a summer attraction. Bournemouth pier is hopefully securing its future for the next 200 years.”