A MYSTERY Poole man has scooped the UK's biggest ever scratchcard win - a whopping £4million.

Spar shop owner Ashok Shukla sold the man the £10 scratchcard and watched in amazement as he uncovered a £4m jackpot.

There have only ever been four £4Million Gold scratchcards in circulation and the Poole winner is the second person to hit the jackpot. According to National Lottery scratchcard operators Camelot, there was a one in 4,232,860 chance of winning £4m.

Mr Shukla, who runs the Spar in Bournemouth Road, Ashley Cross, said the man won the prize during the afternoon of July 18.

“He asked me to check the card through the machine in case it was a misprint,” he said. “I checked it through the terminal twice and it simply came up saying don't pay out, ask customer to call the hotline.

“He was very calm, I think I was more excited than him. I said the best thing is to go home, sit down with a glass of water and not ring anyone for 10 minutes. I said I would call Camelot and let them know that he had won in my shop and would be contacting them.

“I asked if he would mind if I took a photocopy of his winning scratchcard, which he was quite happy with.

“About 20 minutes later he came back and put his head in the doorway and said it was all real and they were coming to visit him next week.

“I've seen him a few times since and I think it's still sinking in, I think he's still reflecting on what has happened.”

A spokesperson for Camelot said they were unable to confirm whether there had been a winner in Poole, as the press office is only notified of winners that opt for publicity.

But Mr Shukla said: “We are really happy for him and it's great news for us as it proves that these top jackpots are out there.

“We are very lucky with scratchcards. We were working it out and we believe that in the 18 years since the lottery started, we have sold a million pounds worth of scratchcards but probably had about £5m of prizes paid out through us.

“I always tell people spend what you can afford, it's a bit of fun and it benefits good causes as well.”

Other winners

The mystery £4million winner completes a hat-trick of Dorset lottery winners.

Blandford taxi driver Malcolm Dennett won £111,000 on EuroMillions after buying a ticket from his “lucky shop” in Upton.

And Bournemouth grandmother Wendy Finch, who sells scratchcards at Asda Castlepoint, was amazed to scoop £300,000 on a scratchcard.