IT’S almost impossible to write about Bournemouth band Power Thief without mentioning their young age. It shouldn’t and doesn’t matter that the talented four-piece are barely into double figures.

It’s not stopped this band from producing the gloriously raw What You Gonna Say, which is our Daily Echo and O2 Academy Unsigned track of the week.

Even more exciting and unexpected is that these teenage rockers have a penchant for 60’s garage rock.

Power Thief is made up of George Kingman (lead vocals and guitar), Jacob Levens (rhythm guitar), Byron Walkley (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Kieran Burgess (drums).

It was through George’s dad’s record collection that the band’s tastes formed: “My dad was always playing music around the house like The Beatles, The Kinks and we went from there. My friends are into it as well.

“Though it’s true not many people our age like the music we listen to. I think it’s better than modern music. It’s not all manufactured and you can hear the guitar, bass and drums,” says George Kingman.

They first started jamming while at school and have been together in this line-up for just over a year. With an immediate and hard-edged R’n’B sound, the Oakmead students also have a strong work ethic.

“We practice every week and we’ve just started playing small gigs such as youth clubs. It’s been fun and we want to take it up a scale and see how that goes.

“At first it was quite nerve-racking playing live, but we’re getting into it. We’d like to keep going and recording. We’ve started an EP but haven’t finished it because of school exams.”

The EP has the working title of Teenage Chaos and as has been written, rehearsed and ready to be recorded. Power Thief is definitely a band to watch and they’re keen to establish themselves now as a live act.

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