THE world’s oldest cat - who lived in Bournemouth - has died aged 24.

Poppy, who had been recognised by Guinness World Records, passed away just weeks after attaining the honour.

The beloved tortoiseshell had lived the equivalent of 114 human years before she died at her home in Bournemouth last Friday.

Owners, Jacqui and Andy West, say she died following a water infection and a problem with her back legs.

Poppy was submitted to the “Oldest Cat Currently Living” category in February of this year and was officially awarded her world title on May 19 – a mere 23 days before her death.

Jacqui, 43, said the whole family are truly devastated by Poppy’s death.

Guinness World Records’ representative Jamie Clarke said: “We’re sad to hear the news of Poppy’s passing who we were delighted to announce as the oldest living cat in May. We are yet to identify who the next oldest living cat is and are currently exploring potential candidates.”