THE sudden appearance of double yellow lines in the middle of a residential Poole road has left residents baffled.

A four-metre length of yellow peril has been painted in the middle of Coy Pond Road, where it is blocked off at the Bourne Valley Road end.

And while the short stretch in front of removable bollards is nowhere near creating a record, it is in a curious place.

Simon Gwynn, who lives in nearby Cornelia Crescent and cycles through Coy Pond Road, said: “I can’t believe anybody is going to park there.”

He said: “It’s only long enough for a Sinclair C5 or a pushbike. It’s a ridiculous place to put double yellow lines.

“Maybe they had a bit of spare yellow paint they needed to use up.”

However Borough of Poole – which in 2012 painted a section only 22.5 inches long in Clarendon Road, Broadstone – has an explanation for the double yellows.

Cllr Karen Rampton, ward member for Branksome East said: “The measures now being put into place have been developed in response to long-standing concerns from residents in Coy Pond about issues caused by parking in the residential roads on each side of the commercial estate, which the area committee has worked hard to address.

“Councillors and council officers met representatives of the businesses to encourage them to address these problems, and many of the employers already encourage staff to cycle.”

Cllr Ian Potter, cabinet portfolio holder for transportation, said: “The double yellow lines are only a small part of an overall scheme which has yet to be completed.

“The package includes the removal of one set of bollards to allow parking under the bridge, but there were concerns that this could make it difficult for cyclists and emergency vehicles to get through the central gap.

“The double yellow lines, which are approximately four metres in length, stop parked vehicles from blocking this route.”