So, it’s created a bit of a stir. BBC3’s Invasion of the Job Snatchers, filmed in Christchurch last year, hasn’t gone down too well with the residents of the ancient borough, who have been portrayed, as, well, a bit ancient.

The show features 13 unemployed youngsters from across the UK, who are given eight weeks work experience at a different business in the area.

These include Robin Lambe’s butchers on St Catherine’s Hill, Mudeford Ferry, Williams Thompson solicitors, Peeks Party Store, Jon Terry hair salon, Stewarts Garden Lands, and other long-standing Christchurch companies.

Some of the ‘young people’ seem to be just getting on with it. Whereas others – namely Benny and Adam – seem to be causing a few headaches for their poor mentors.

And this is where the producers seem to be focusing – because of course it makes great viewing.

The employers come across as nice, hard-working people, particularly Robin Lambe from the butchers who has struck up a good relationship with his work experience lad, Carl.

Carl has a criminal record and has found it hard to get work, ending up sleeping rough on the streets.

So you really want him to do well, and it’s the same in the case of Deneka Johnson, who is taken on at Jon Terry hair salon in the Christchurch town centre arcade.

With a mainly female clientele of a certain-age, Deneka came across as genuine and sweet, especially when she didn’t want to upset her new boss over the bouffant ‘do she had given her the day before.

But then there was Adam, who clashed with the boss of Mudeford Ferry almost immediately.

And let’s not forget Benny. Oh Benny. Flamboyant, loud and a self-confessed ‘potty-mouth’, Benny was the highlight of the show in so many ways.

Yes, he’s annoying, but I think he will be the one to –excuse the X-Factor jargon – go on the ''biggest journey' at Peek’s Party Store.

There are a few issues to iron out – his language and customer service skills – but I think despite the bravado he genuinely wants to succeed.

In amongst all the drama of the workplace, were the delightful filler shots, filmed around the town.

Having lived here all my life, I’ve never seen that many elderly people in the town at any one time, ever.

Yes, it is a town famed for its elderly population, but Christchurch is by no means as decrepit as the show portrayed it.

To coin the local catchphrase, Christchurch is “Where time is pleasant” and by no means a sleepy backwater full of old cronies.