HUMAN remains have been discovered at a Bournemouth golf course.

A lump of flesh and bone – which dog walkers have speculated is an arm – was discovered in woodland at the Bournemouth and Meyrick Park Golf Club.

The gruesome find was made just after 1pm yesterday afternoon after a dog dragged it out of the undergrowth.

Police cordoned off a swathe of the course and the woods surrounding it.

A private ambulance was called to the scene during the afternoon, and the body part was recovered.

It was then examined by a pathologist locally, and at 6.30pm yesterday evening, police confirmed that the remains were human.

A spokesperson also said that they were alerted by a walker at the course just after 1pm.

The investigation is being led by Detective Inspector Mark Samuel, who said the remains were in “an advanced state of decomposition”.

He added that the further progress of the investigation could “take days”, and said: “We are treating this incident as unex-plained at the moment”.

A spokesperson from the force said the coroner had been aware, and no arrests had yet been made.

Despite the ongoing investigation, the course remained open, with one hole within the cordon, and golfers continued to play |until twilight fell.

Those living nearby can freely access the site, and Helen Johnson, who walks her dog on the course, said there was a sense of shock among locals.

“It’s a horrible thing to hear,” she said.

“A dog discovered in the woodland and brought it out. I understand it was badly decomposed, but that the remains are human.”

Another walker, who did not want to be named, said: “Everyone who walks up here has said it’s an arm or a hand.

“It’s not very nice at all – it’s sad to think it’s been in that woodland for a long time without anyone knowing.”