LITTERERS who have left old tyres, food waste and other rubbish sprawled along the side of the A338 Spur Road have been branded ‘dangerous’ by an environmental group.

The grass verge and bushes by the side of the road are currently cluttered with items including cigarette packets, takeaway boxes and even discarded fuel bottles.

Angela Pooley, co-ordinator for Friends of the Earth East Dorset, said the situation is disgusting and hopes something is done about it soon.

“The disregard for a look of an area like this is unacceptable, but on a practical level, it is also dangerous,” she added.

“This careless behaviour can have an impact on wildlife too.

“Birds pick up all sorts of things for nesting and they will try to pick up plastic and cans on the side of the road if that is what is there.”

As well as debris like cans of beer and food packets which are likely to have been thrown from the windows of passing cars, a cluster of tyres and bags full of rubbish have also been left near lay-bys at the side of the carriageway. Last year the Daily Echo found cannabis growing equipment dumped by the side of the road which prompted a council clean-up.

Steve Burdis, director of the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP), said another clear-up is being scheduled for this year too.

He said: “We are currently finalising our plans for the cleansing of our key trunk road the A338 and other key routes, including the A31 and A35, ahead of the main holiday season. “As with last year this will be done in partnership with neighbouring councils and the Highways Agency, as it involves coordinating safety precautions along these busy stretches of road. We are still finalising the specific dates, but the work will be carried out in the next few weeks.”

Bournemouth council has also said they are evaluating the situation at Riverside Avenue, which connects to the Spur Road.

Street services manager Stuart Best said he is organising a clear up for as soon as possible and that the council will prosecute anybody who is caught fly-tipping in the area.