A LANDSLIP created “dramatic scenes” at Lulworth Cove, following weeks of unprecedented rainfall at the Dorset beauty spot.

No-one was injured in the landslide, which started on Wednesday, but sightseers have been warned to stay away from cliff edges and scree piles the slip has created.

Lulworth Cove has taken a hammering during the recent wild weather – the Beach Cafe sustained so much storm damage, officials declared it structurally unsafe and had it demolished.

A Lulworth Estate spokesman explained: “After a winter of heavy rains, high winds and huge seas, the coast on the estate has been subject to ongoing erosion.

“Since the end of October, the south coast has endured over 25 low pressure systems sweeping in off the Atlantic.

“Unprecedented amounts of rain have fallen leaving the cliffs in a dynamic state.”

Since January the area has endured three notable storms of which coincided with high springtides and strong onshore winds, said the Lulworth Estate spokesman.

“This combination drove the sea well beyond its normal tidal range causing sudden erosion on the area’s softer rocks, creating the scenes we see today,” he added.

“The most recent landslide started around midday on Wednesday 19th February, falling on to the beach in some fairly dramatic scenes.

“The rangers were alerted to the events by tourists coming in to the visitor centre, showing videos of the landslide on their mobile phones.

“The landslip was minor and there were no reports of anyone hurt, but please heed the coastguards’ advice and stay well away from the cliff edges and bases, and stay off the scree piles they create.”