A BOUNCER who worked in Bournemouth for 18 years has sold everything to produce and act in his first feature film about his experiences on the door.

Steven Murphy, 39, sold all his worldly possessions and his taxi business to create Doorways for £9,000 with a group of driven filmmakers with little experience and no money behind them.

The film traces the relationship between two bouncers and explores the themes of friendship, self-destruction and what it means to be a man.

Steven said: “I’ve always been passionate about drama but I was told I didn’t fit in and I became increasingly self-destructive.

“I worked as a bouncer in Bournemouth pubs and clubs for 18 years and decided to write and produce a film about my experiences and the people I met.”

The story follows Craig who has worked as a bouncer his whole life and Simon who is turning up for his first night.

“The two men develop a friendship that explores various themes about what friendship is and that only you can change the course of your life.

“Craig’s past catches up with him and he descends into his own private hell as Simon learns there are many more facets to being a man than he ever thought possible.”

Steven won a scholarship to the New York Film Academy but lost his place when he broke his ankle taking part in a cage fighting tournament with a prize of £5,000.

“I couldn’t drive my taxi for several months and I lost my flat and my wedding ring.

“I felt as though I was sinking, but I managed to raise the money and produce Doorways.”

He is now hoping businesses will come forward to provide backing for his new project My Saviour.

There will be a private screening of Doorways and a presentation of My Saviour on March 5. For more information visit breezeblockproductions.co.uk