A HIGH-tech addition to a memorial bench will lead those taking the weight off their feet to a charity website.

A star-shaped bench was placed in the grounds of Wimborne’s Waitrose store in tribute to Max Prior, who died at the age of 22 months, a year and a half ago.

Now, an enterprising company has added a Quick Response code to the seat, which when scanned with a smart phone will lead locals to the TeamMAX Facebook page.

The charity was set up by Max’s mum Gail Miller Prior to raise awareness of Sudden Expected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).

Max suffered with Dravet syndrome, and would have “tonic clonic” seizures which would make him lose consciousness.

Tragically, he would have outgrown the condition at the age of seven.

After his death, a bench was erected opposite his nursery, Judy’s House Pre-school in Park Lane, to act as a permanent place of remembrance.

Ferndown-based company QR Memories funded the code to ensure anyone wishing to learn more about Max would have an opportunity to visit the website.

Owner Stephen Nimmo, who previously worked at a funeral home and now runs a bereavement service, said: “The aim of the code is that anyone wishing to know anything more about Max can access that information. We also hope it kick-starts fundraising again.”

Mr Nimmo’s stepson attended Judy’s House at the same time as Max.

He said: “Just like the bench itself, the QR code is in the shape of a star.

“We wanted to do something to support the good work that TeamMAX does, and this seemed like a positive way to get involved.”

For more visit teammax.co.uk